Saturday, October 7, 2017

Our Programs

Our Programs: United States Poverty Project has multiple programs to help children in need. Coats for kids, food programs, school lunch programs, clothes and shoe collection, bill assistance for parents with children and more.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Advance Company Group A Cautionary Tale




By Xavier James
Newport News, Virginia- In early September a Newport News Judge slammed down hisgavel against Charles K. Bennet of Advance Company Group after a longstanding legal fight against Neighborhood Roofing and Associates. The contractors alleged Charles K. Bennet deliberately tricked them into doing roofing work and refused to pay them. After his initial deposit for materials, the contractors worked on his dilapidated roof and according court papers, Bennet refused to pay the balance.

"Don't do business with him," cautioned one of the roofers outside of court. "He's a flim flam man." After spending countless hours working on Bennet's deteriorated house, trying to bring it up to code, Charles K. Bennet stopped answering his phone. The residence, located on 49th street in Newport News proved to be a difficult task. A steep, two story house with rotten wood is extremely hazardous.

City Inspectors spent years trying to force the slumlord to fix up his property. According to sources, it was after receiving multiple citations that's Charles K. Bennet decided to run his scam. "The guy is as slippery as an eel," said a long time carpenter who refused to give his name. I bet if you dig deeper he's doing more then just scamming us."

The head of Diverse Services, J. Cason, who was also the lead plaintiff in the suit smiled as he left court. "His house was so run down the mail man even refused to deliver his mail, calling it a death trap. I guess that should have been my first red flag."

The Carpenter called it "A house of Horrors." The dilapidated house Charles K. Bennet lived in. "You should have seen the inside. It's hard to believe a guy his age kept his house so filthy. He's his own slum lord. It was repugnant!"

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Black Family Matters

Make it work! Don't listen to nonsense propaganda. She needs you. You need her. And your children need you both.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Who's Programming You?

Should Black Folks Run When They Hear the Name Jesus?: An Analysis
by Xavier James
The Myth of White Women Heroes: Analyzing White America
by Xavier James