Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I Project a Vast Increase in White Women Getting Pregnant by Men of Color in 2015

By Xavier James

Watch out black man, white women are desperate to get pregnant by you. And they're doing anything to get your seed inside them. This is some of what's ticking these Killer cops off; the generational divide.  Their children and young wives want everything except white sperm inside them. And given the white supremacist's stance on genetic survival, white men are insane with jealousy and rage. I've been watching the blowback from their attempts to demonize black boys. And it has resulted in tens of thousands of white women being angry and sympathetic towards black men. Come on, what's the first thing the white female wants to do when she feels sorry for your pain? That's right, offer up some sympathy P***y. Talk to your young sons brothers and sisters. The sub-conscious mind of the young, white girl is at play and your black boy is her target! Some of you fools refuse to wear a hat. Like it or not, for better or worse; I'm predicting that in 2015 there will be a rise in white women getting pregnant by Men of Color!

Watch the Signs!

Iggy Azalea and Kim Kardashian's lust for black men will
lead the charge towards the young, black males.

Another White Lesbian Couple will be
 getting a black donor.

ISIS will be getting white women pregnant.

Thanks to Obama, Cuban
 men will be getting white
 women pregnant.

More white, female teachers are going to be
having sex with their black, male students.

America's Date Rape
 Dad, Bill Cosby may
even get in on the act.

Hollywood will adopt more black babies

Cat Call video was a joke. In reality, half the
brothers who hollered at hear would have
gotten laid!

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  1. I think there is a fallacy about a lot of facts regarding race... first of all my Italian ex husband is the biggest dick I've messed with but the man, who happens to be "black" is the one that has stuck around and been married with me 6 years. White women are not the only beautiful women. Black women are very beautiful. Its such a shame society id's so polarized. I love my husband whether black, white, Asian, I would love him no matter what so called race. I think people are entirely too fixated on narrow definitions regarding beauty and race, and I hope all mny children are bound by love and not color for whomever they choose as a lifelong partner and father for their children... we are all equals and white and black intensities need to cease. Nobody defines beauty, beauty and love are undefined that is why poetry exists...