Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Wonder How Many Black Folks Tried to Talk Their Way Out of Being Lynched?

By Xavier James

Did you know white folks don't like you to show pictures of your ancestors being lynched by their ancestors? It's true. They block your web pages. They pull their advertising and call it graphic content. They'll even call you racist, although you never ran anybody to the back of a bus and you certainly didn't lynch anybody. When I see a 70 or 80 year old white man down south, I sometimes ask them how many lynching's did they attend as a young man. And to date no one has admitted to seeing a lynching. Yet there are thousands of pictures of black folks getting lynched and they are surrounded by thousands of white children ages four and up. But I can't find one old white man who admits being there.

I told my wife there were countless black men who tried to talk these murderous white mobs out of lynching them and I told her some of the things they likely said:

*Please, I'm innocent. I didn't do anything.
*Please Mr. Wilkerson, my wife and kids need me.
*That's a lie. I wasn't looking at your wife.
*I never did nothing to any of you white folks. I don't even know you.
*Please, just take my house. I'll take me and mine and move.
*I've got money. I can pay you.
*But. y'all supposed to be Christians
*You don't have to do this.
*What the hell is wrong with you people?

But none of that worked. It didn't stop them from being lynched. Fast forward to NEW YORKS ERIC GARNER'S MURDER. When the mob of cops jumped on him HE SAID:

*Why are you always harassing me?
*I'm not doing anything
*Why are you bothering me?
*I can't breathe...I can't breathe...I can't breathe

RACISM (WHITE SUPREMACY) is a cancer attacking the body of humanity. You cannot negotiate with cancer. You cannot plead with cancer. You cannot run from cancer. I do not know the cure for this cancer on society but I do know that humanity deserves better!

Mob of Cops Kill Eric Garner

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