Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Looking at Janice Dickinson's Neck Almost made me Throw-Up

By Xavier James

Cracked Out Crack head/AKA that METH HEAD B**** Janice Dickinson is so Desperate to get Bill Cosby's Money it's sad. There's never been a shortage of white women screaming rape. But this year it seems one third of all rape allegations in America are aimed at Bill Cosby. He may actually be the first man in history to have a class action lawsuit filed against him for rape.

So, I'm channel surfing and I stop at Nancy Grace to watch that animated, lifelong drug addict, alcoholic JANICE DICKINSON spinning tells of Bill Cosby raping her. This broad was so high Nancy Grace stopped asking her questions and just stared. Between her fake crying and screaming, Nancy Grace didn't question any of Dickinson's non-sense story. Then the ambulance chaser Gloria Allred  popped up like a Jack-in-the-Box to throw gasoline on the fire. Allred wants Cosby to set aside 100 million dollars for his victims. As their lawyer she'll get 1/3. Bill Cosby got some hungry and thirsty wolf B**** after him, man..for real.


Married Pig
Nasty Pig
Bill Cosby Mounted Me
Bad, bad body odor
I had Pain and Swelling

"I'm no tacky bitch. Bill Cosby is a TACKY RAPIST." -Janice Dickinson

Janice please get off meth and get hooked on Phonics instead.

Nancy Grace: A real journalist.

Allred can even get money out of a dead man.

There's that NECK. I bet Bill regrets *****
that b****.

Crazy eye Bill Cosby's Illuminati friends threw
 him to a pack of hungry wolves.

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