Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Torture Report Shows More Anal Fun For White Folks

By Xavier James

WTF makes white folks always want to put something up a man's ass? My God, have you heard about the C.I.A. Report? The C.I.A. literally liquefied food meant to be eaten, put it in an I.V. tube, and shot it up one prisoner's ass at full blast. They chained another ARAB 'detainee' to the wall butt ass naked and he f*ck*ng froze to death by the next morning. The report goes on to say there were people imprisoned at a few American torture chambers and nobody even had a clue who they were or why they were there. None of the personnel had any experience at all. The entire time they were lying to congress saying everything was good. The report was full of savage, depraved white American behavior; which got absolutely no results or Intel. George Bush and Dick Cheney said they were proud of the torture tactics- which makes them war criminals, doesn't it? It's a crime under treaties and against the constitution. Sadly NOBODY INVOLVED HAS OR WILL BE CHARGED WITH A CRIME. White supremacy in full effect.

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