Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Was Floyd Mayweather Involved in a Ritual Killing?

By Xavier James

Floyd Mayweather allegedly fired up his friend Earl Hayes over his wife Stephanie Moseley’s alleged  infidelity right before Hayes shot Moseley dead and then killed himself on Monday. The Los Angeles Police Department now wants to interview Mayweather, who was reportedly talking to Hayes on FaceTime when the rapper committed the murder-suicide.

This has all the earmarks of a ritual killing. I remember hearing years ago that Mayweather sold his soul to everybody; devils, white devils, illuminati and other secret groups. In fact, I wouldn't doubt if it was to prove his loyalty to Warren Buffet and his sect. Be warned: The increase in the deaths of young, black men is to finish rituals before the new year! Just as some of you believe in Jesus, there are people who are just as passionate about devil worship. And there never seems to be a shortage of coons willing to do anything white supremacists tell them. Some people get beat into gangs, sexed into gangs or forced to kill their way into these gangs; because that's all they are-gangs. Listen up; rituals work. And they're not based on right and wrong but instead universal principles. Years ago white supremacists stole our knowledge of the universe and replaced it with a bible. Meanwhile, the pope is chanting, sprinkling water and doing rituals right in our face and we still don't know what's up. Did you really think the so called royals visited America this week because they wanted to get away from England for a while? No. They were delivering marching orders and setting the pace. Look at the people and places they visited.

Now, as far as Mayweather goes, there are words and subliminal things a person can do to control or direct the actions of a weak minded person. And that's what he did. And his blood ritual was complete. He may have just wanted him to kill the girl, but he got two for one. They said Mayweather attended a basketball game a couple hours later. With friends like know the rest.

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