Monday, August 31, 2015

Cops Kill Black Males because they're Afraid;Steroids didn't Change the Fear

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By Xavier James


Steroids were invented for white males to be able to become physically stronger then black males. Then they’d be able to compete or fight and finally win. Although it made a lot of white men bigger, it didn’t remove the fear in their hearts.


I’ve never been scared of young, unarmed white boys; (black boys either).When I was 30 years old; eighteen, nineteen and twenty-five- year old white boys never had me in the least bit shook. How about you? But white cops are so scared they lose their minds and start shooting. If you notice, white media names every reason in the world except good, old fashion fear; cowardice. Because that would undermine the brave image of the boys in blue.


When I was a kid, if you got your ass whipped by a white boy, black folks laughed at you. White men have always been considered weak-no contest or challenge for black men. Why do you think they wouldn’t integrate white professional sports?


Today, the coveted quarterback and coaching roles have even been taken over by black athletes. White men are now really the token players on the team who have to prove themselves every Sunday to keep their jobs. And this week the world will watch Serena Williams destroy all her white competitors on the tennis court; understand?

However, white men of all ages have always been scared of black men of any age. They fear being over-powered and beat down. That’s why it always took a lynch mob to subdue any man of color. Do your research people! You can’t name a time when a white male even attempted to subdue a young black male by himself or without a gun.


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Things haven’t changed. These police out here today are not the high school jocks you went to school with. They are the nerds, rejects and guys who were bullied or couldn’t get a date. The same fear they had of you in the high school gym is the same fear they have today. Most of them became police officers in hopes of conquering their all consuming fear of a black man. And the badge gives them the opportunity to bully and finally achieve the illusive power over the black male.


But what happens during altercations with a black man is that a white cop’s fear will overcome him. The thought of standing toe to toe with a black man is simply too overwhelming. So he uses what white men perfected years ago: ‘THE GREAT EQUALIZER’….their gun. To consider a gun an equalizer, wouldn’t you have to feel unequal or inferior in the first place?

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